Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace: Picking up the issues after the Premier League game

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Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace: Picking up the issues. After the Premier League game, the Reds were hit at home for two matches in a row.

  • Liverpool were beaten at home by Crystal Palace 0-1 in the Premier League game this weekend.
  • The Eagles got the winning goal early in the game from Eberichi Eze.
  • Red Swan, game of shooting birds and fishing Plus the defender still lacks certainty.

Stumbling 3 games in a row, saying goodbye to the championship challenge?

Liverpool’s poor performance in recent times began with a stumbling mistake in the “Red Fire” game at Old Trafford, where they were superior but in the end had to chase after an equalizer. After that, they lost 2 games in a row at home. Both being beaten 0-3 by Atalanta and being beaten 0-1 by Crystal Palace. Which missing these 3 games had an impact. It is unavoidable to compete for the remaining two championships. Their only condition at this time is to win Atalanta with a margin of more than 4 goals in the Europa League and for the Premier League to win. Every remaining match and hope for rivals like Manchester City, the leader at this time, to stumble as well.

Leaky back, blind face

This game said another match. That the new boss of Liverpool next season must watch and make immediate adjustments. Because today, despite having clear possession of the ball, But there is no certainty, both offensively and defensively, even though the team’s superstars are all there. Van Dijk paired with Konate is extremely leaky, with many missed moments seen. This has been the case since the game with Atalanta, ยูฟ่าเบท but Klopp is still confident and continues to play together. As for the attacking game, first of all we have to praise the Palace defense that today helped to parry all the Reds’ shots, but we also have to blame the home offensive line as well, who had 10 golden opportunities in this game but failed. Didn’t shoot any birds at all. Many people would blame luck, but at this level of footballers, certainty is more important. If they had been more focused or made better decisions, maybe they would have overtaken the winner.

Better go back to using Rising Star.

Before the game, many football fans should reassured by the return to the field of Liverpool’s main players, who are almost ready, including Alisson Becker, Who is the starting goalkeeper, and Van Dijk paired with Konate. Two of the best defenders available. Including Tetis Jones, Diogo Jota and Trent Alexander Arnold, are all 100% fit and ready to help the team. But the work of They have to say. That they were disappointed with their inability to penetrate the walls of a team like Crystal Palace and ended with a shocking home defeat. Who will claim that he is in a lot of pain and may not be able to listen anymore. It makes you think of the previous period when Klopp used young stars to enter the field even though they faced difficult games, but in the end they were able to use their youthful energy to defeat their opponents in an impressive way. Perhaps fans would like to have that kind of atmosphere again. When things you have don’t work, maybe “Dek Pan” is the final solution.

The Gunners missed out on Man City taking the lead.

It looks like tonight will be a game of real twists and turns as both Liverpool, West Ham and Arsenal all lost to each other at home. The Reds lost Crystal Palace and the Gunners were crushe by Villa at home. It said that in the current scoreboard, Manchester City. Who has come quietly. But consistently, has already overtaken the leader with 73 points. While Liverpool and Arsenal have the same 71 points. However, if City loses to a tie in the last 6 games. The leader still has a chance to change hands again because the goal difference – lost is quite the same. The Blues are plus 44, Arsenal are plus 49, while Liverpool are plus 41.