Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa: Issues after the game: rush not lose

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Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa: Issues after the game: The Gunners rush to not lose to the Singha Rising at home.

• Aston Villa beat Arsenal back-to-back this season

• Arsenal trail Manchester City by 2 points after 32 games.

Arsenal lost their first Premier League game of 2024. But it directly affected their Premier League title hopes and made the whole situation depend on Manchester City in the final six games of this season.

Pressing game

This work is like both teams doing their homework. and prepare a similar plan Especially in the matter of playing a similar pressing game in the offensive area, Arsenal may have a clearer picture. because they had invaded more But if you look at this game, every game set up by both teams is not easy. And it is a game that proves that the matter of “unpacking the press” is something that defenders of every team must do in this era.

The visiting team’s tough defense brought the “momentum” of the game.

Today’s Villa has a very clever plan. They played defense with discipline. There was no mistake at all on the defensive line. Or the moment they picked up the second ball, they didn’t give any chance to tie the game. Jon McGinn and Nicolo Zaniolo ruined the rhythm of the game. Remarkably slowed down the home team’s game.

However, Arsenal are also part of their own problems. They got into the game late, made decisions slowly, especially when they came up against a team with good discipline. Slow doesn’t mean sure. But it is to close the team’s opportunity to do anything. Therefore, Arsenal is very serious in this game. They are not good at attacking and cannot hold the game the way they like. Plus, as we play, the more we play, the more it goes towards the visiting team.

The “momentum” of the game went to Aston Villa as they kept Arsenal from playing their way and slowly moved forward before they finally controlled the tempo. and had complete control over the first goal of this game and won decisively with the second goal of the game.

Arsenal has no right to make any claims regarding the fitness of their players because Aston Villa played two days later than Arsenal. They really lost this game in terms of tactical play.