What should I do when bitten by a bluering squid or eat a bluering squid?

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Because bluering squid poison is harmful to the respiratory system. If bitten or accidentally eaten, a bluering squid should be taken to see a doctor immediately. In order to save lives with various methods. Such as giving oxygen administration of intravenous fluids or intubation. And continue to take care of the symptoms that occur closely knowledge.

Before reaching the doctor Relatives or people around the patient can provide first aid or take care of the bite area. According to the following instructions UFABET 

  • Bring air to the lungs by mouth-to-mouth and prevent prolonged lack of air.
  • Clean the wound that was bitten by clean water. Then wrap it around the wound with an elastic bandage and splint. In order not to move that part of the organ and to slow down the poison from spreading to different parts of the body. 
  • Do not cut the mouth of the bite wound. Because it will spread more poison.

However, blue-ringed squid bites are very rare, occurring only when the squid feels threatened. Such as being grabbed or attacked. Also there have never been reports of blue ring squid found on beaches where people swim. But found in the sea floor and off the reef. Those who dive should be careful and do not disturb the creatures and habitats of aquatic animals in the area. To prevent touching or being bitten by aquatic animals that may be poisonous.