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Nutrients that are very useful in onions. Therefore, it is used with the expectation of other benefits besides eating as food. Such as helping to cure colds, nasal congestion, treating asthma, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, reducing hair loss. As well as skin health benefits for healing and preventing scarring. But is there any evidence or proof to support these efficacy of onions?

Prevent and reduce scars It is the only benefit of onion that is considered to be currently supported by fairly reliable research evidence. Since most studies have found that the use of onion extract may be an alternative treatment for scars. It is thought to be due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Which has a mechanism to reduce the process of tissue formation that will lead to scarring.

Comparative study of the efficacy in reducing keloid scars. And hypertrophic scars between onion extracts silicone gel sheet or a combination of the two treatments for 6 months showed. That onion extract was more effective at reducing scar color. But it doesn’t reduce itching or cause the scar to collapse. While the silicone gel sheet is more effective at helping the scar to collapse. The most effective treatment is to use both the onion extract and the silicone gel patch UFABET

As for the healing of surgical scars, one study involved 16 Asian mothers who had just undergone a caesarean section. After 7 days, a gel containing 12% onion extract or a placebo was applied to each wound 3 times daily for 12 weeks. The results showed a significant difference in scar thickness and symptoms. It is the use of onion extract gel that gives good results. But did not see the difference in the redness, softness and beauty of the wounds on both sides that were treated differently.