Benefits of swimming.

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Swimming is considered a sport or activity that has many positive effects. Many people like to exercise this way. which benefits from swimming are as follows:

Health benefits  Swimming is a great form of exercise because it allows every part of your body to move against the water. Makes the body exert more effort without feeling tired easily It also has a positive effect on health such as UFABET

  • Helps increase heart rate with low impact on the body.
  • Helps to control weight.
  • Strengthen heart function and strengthen the lungs
  • Strengthen muscles Almost every muscle is used.

In addition, Has many other benefits for players, including:

  • Relieve stress and cool off.
  • Increase flexibility to the body
  • Personality adjustment and helps to move the body better
  • It is an activity that helps in curing some types of illnesses. It is also a treatment that does not cause the body to receive much shock.

Helps burn a lot of calories compared to other types of exercise. It also has a beneficial effect on the various joints in the body. Because the water helps support the body, preventing impact on the joints while Swimming: Also helps strengthen muscles and heart health very well as well.

In swimming There are 4 swimming positions that are commonly used:

  • Freestyle moves (Crawl or Freestyle)
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly pose