‘Maguire’ received bomb threats, police rushed to investigate

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Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has received bomb threats forcing police to search his home for safety.

Cheshire police rush to the home of the England centre-back. After he received an email threatening a bomb at his home,

Maguire lives with his fiance Fern Hawkins and also has two daughters, and reports from The UFABET say the star. The 29-year-old was deeply shocked. By the threats.

“In the last 24 hours Harry has received serious threats at his home,” said a statement from the player’s spokesman.

“He has filed a complaint to the police who are continuing to investigate the matter,” said

“The safety of his family and the people around him is a top priority for Harry. Please make any further comments.”

Even the fact that the players “Red Devils” were threatened by various threats, it is not uncommon. But the police took this matter seriously. They sent a handful of officers and police dogs to Maguire’s home for an investigation

. Maguire’s form has been heavily criticized by supporters and some have called for him to be dismissed as captain.

He had another disappointing form in Tuesday night’s 4-0 defeat to Liverpool, when the following Man United supporters left the pitch before timeout.