‘Conte’ pointed performance showed ‘Premier League’ is not easy

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has given example that Manchester United’s poor season shows that English football is not easy , with

Manchester United just appointing Erik ten Hag. Become the next manager after a difficult season under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralph Rangnick

. vice-champion Plus, they added more troops by grabbing famous players to join the team, but the results didn’t turn out to be what they had hoped

. Stiano Ronaldo, Conte said in an interview

: “It’s strange. Because last season they took second place and they strengthened their troops. You did worse than last season, meaning it wasn’t easy. especially in England”

“Many teams have to focus. Because in England you accidentally end up in the relegation zone, or you miss European football. Of course, coming to England is a big job for any manager. Because there is so much competition here.”

Spurs are currently fourth, three points above Manchester United, with Arsenal and West Ham United also chasing Champions League tickets.

“The competition, the team that makes the fewest mistakes from now until the end of the season will have a chance to qualify for the Champions League next season. UFABET report

” Wednesday also means that Spurs are just five points behind third,

but Conte said: “I don’t think Chelsea are going to win in Europe. They are now at different levels… We had to fight Arsenal yesterday they showed they are in good form, against Manchester United, West Ham and Wolves.