Conte insists he wants to stay in control of the chickens for next season

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Spurs manager Antonio Conte insists he wants to stay at the club next season. As long as the club has the same ambitions

         Recently, there has news come out that the Italian boss is tire of pushing. “Chicken Golden Spikes” . After the overall performance is not so good until there is news that. The team will leave as well. But he insists that he intends to stay in charge of the team. According to the contract signed until 2023.

         “Of course there is only one truth now – I am committed to this club for the next year. The club wants this kind of situation and I accept it because it makes us get to know each other better.” Conte insists

         “After four months I think the club fits the way I want to work and I understand the club. We have three more months until the end of the season to get to know each other. And UFABET then come up with the best solution together.”

         “I can say that I enjoy working for this club and I want to fight for what is important for the club. Of course it’s true that I want to do it. in the fight for the future fight to compete Fight for victory and not just finish 4th in the league. because I emphasize that that is not my ambition.”

         “My ambition is to compete and fight for the championship. I need it and I know that my heart, my soul, my mind need these. I hope myself and the club have the same goals in this situation.”